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The Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics studies the principles of information processing in biological systems. This includes the development and analysis of biologically inspired learning algorithms for system modeling and pattern recognition. Application areas are in Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, and process optimization. Students are encouraged to contact us for research topics that they might wish to pursue for their diploma and bachelor degrees or their "Studienarbeit". In the following areas we offer diploma and semestral theses.


Plasticity and Sleep (SFB 654-A8)


Completed projects

Some of the grants we have received over the last years. Research on related topics might still be ongoing.


Action Recognition and Tracking based on Time-of-Flight Sensors (ARTTS)

Binding Site Analysis and Detection

Communication by Gaze Interaction (COGAIN)

Complex Motion


Exploring Olfactory Perception Space

Gaze-based Communication (GazeCom)

Grid-enabled Know-how Sharing Technology Based on ARC Services and Open Standards (KnowARC)

Information technology for active perception (Itap)


Multiple motions


Naturanaloge Lern- und Optimierungsverfahren für vernetzte Systeme (LEONET)


Neue Verfahren der Informationsverarbeitung auf der Basis neurokognitiver Modellierung (ModKog)


Organic Computing
REMSO - Re-Engineering monolithischer Softwaresysteme zur Service-orientierten Architektur