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Modeling Sleep and Plasticity

sfb654.png Modeling Plasticity and Sleep DFG project  "Thalamocortical modelling in the SFB "Plasticity and Sleep".


Sleep is beneficial for the consolidation of memories. To understand the difference of synaptic plasticity during sleep and wakefulness, we are using theoretical modeling and computational neuroscience approaches. 


We are focusing on the major questions:

  • How is the transmission of sensory information relayed in the thalamocortical system?
  • What are the dynamical mechanisms that lead to the emergence of sleep? 
  • How is sleep regulated and modified by neural activity?
  • How can slow waves and sleep be influenced by stimulation?


Open positions:

Currently we have an open PhD / postdoc position - informal enquiries and applications are welcome!

We also have opportunities for master or bachelor thesis projects, as well as student assistant positions and (limited) opportunities for postdoctoral or senior visiting scientists.


Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Jens Christian Claussen

claussen (at)

phone +49-451-5005412

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Martinetz

martinetz (at)

phone +49-451-5005000


The project is funded by the DFG SFB 654 Plasticity and Sleep, project A8 (Claussen/Martinetz) (Modeling the thalamocortical system during sleep) and by the Graduate School.