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LOcal adaptive estimation of COmplex MOTion and ORientation patterns



The LOCOMOTOR project is supported by the DFG under Ba 1176/7 and is part of the DFG Schwerpunktprogramm "Mathematical methods for time series analysis and digital image processing", see

This Schwerpunktprogamm exclusively includes projects which combine the development of new mathematical methods with a high importance for specific applications, i.e. neither purely theoretical investigations nor the adaption of known methods for a possibly new field of application.

The LOCOMOTOR objective is a unified framework for detection and accurate quantification of motions, orientations and symmetries in image data.

At the INB we mainly deal with the problem of estimating complex motions as they occur in case of transparencies, reflections, occlusions, and discontinuities. In addition, we study how much information is encoded by specific dynamic properties of the visual input and use the results to model human vision. A basic concept is that of intrinsic dimension.

For further information see our Multiple motions page.

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