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Machine Learning



An iterative learning algorithm for support vector classification


Sparse Coding Neural Gas

A method for learning overcomplete data representations and performing overcomplete blind source separation


Neural Gas for Dictionary Learning

Robust and Fast Learning of Sparse Codes with Stochastic Gradient Descent


Digit recognition

A simple method for high-performance digit recognition based on sparse coding


Novelty detection

A collection of methods for novelty detection, one-class classification, and density estimation.


Support Feature Machine

A method for classification with the least number of features.



Human and Computer Vision


Demos Human and Computer Vision

E. Barth's selected demos


Eye movement data set

Large set of gaze recordings on high-resolution natural video to Dorr et al., Variability of eye movements when viewing dynamic natural scenes, Journal of Vision, 10(10):28, 2010.


Saliency by intrinsic dimensionality

Video demos of the geometrical invariants to Vig et al., Intrinsic dimensionality predicts the saliency of dynamic natural scenes, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 34(6):1080-1091, 2012.


Eye movements on multiple overlaid natural movies

Example stimuli to Barth et al., Efficient coding and multiple motions, Vision Research, 50(22), p. 2190-2199, 2010.


Eye Tracker Simulation Framework

A MATLAB framework for simulating video-oculographic eye trackers


Gaze-controlled Breakout

A version of LBreakout2 that can be controlled by gaze


Object Detection

Datasets for the localisation of (circular) objects


Inspection of Light-emitting Diodes

Feature-extraction and classification methods for the automatic inspection of manufactured LEDs.


Illumination Correction for Stitching Images

Examples of a robust and fast illumination correction method that avoids boundary artifacts





A formal language for modelling regulatory network systems consisting of transcription factors and genes encoding them

Signal Peptides

Source code and data set for predicting the translocation pathway from the sequences of signal peptides



Source code and data set for  identification of classical and non-classical secretory proteins in mammalian genomes



Prediction of Apoptosis protein Locations using GASVM



Prediction of bioluminescent proteins 



Prediction of Extracellular  proteins