J.C.Claussen Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Jens Christian Claussen

University of Lübeck, Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics
Ratzeburger Allee 160
D-23562 Lübeck
phone: accidentally only, e.g. on some fridays: +49-451-13101 5507
location: occasionally building 64, R.1.015
Email: claussen (at) inb (dot) uni-luebeck (dot) de


Jacobs University Bremen, Systems Biology Lab
Campus Ring 1, Research 2, Room 130
D-28759 Bremen
Phone: +49-421 200 3240
j (dot) claussen (at) jacobs-university (dot) de

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Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems

Our research mission is to understand the nonlinear and stochastic dynamics of complex systems, with a focus on adaptive biological systems: evolution and brain. A large part of our current research aims at understanding the dynamical phenomena in and the functional role of sleep. A second branch of research addresses evolutionary dynamics and systems biology, as cyclic coevolution, finite populations, networks and growth phenomena. Methods range from nonlinear dynamics and applied mathematics to statistical physics, control theory, information theory and biological physics. In many cases we arrive at models that appear also in quite different context in physical or biological systems, but eventually also in social and economic systems - and this is why complexity science also is fun!
If your have similar research interests and would like to join our group: enquiries for new group members or postdoctoral visitors are always welcome.
Special issue: Sleep, Neuroengineering and Dynamics

Group members

Dipl.-Ing. Arne Weigenand (PhD student, Lübeck)

Group affiliates (external, co-supervision, menteeship etc.)

Yan Li (PhD student with Xinsheng Liu and Wanlin Guo at Nanjing U, China)
Moritz Joseph (previous MSc student)
Unita Rai (Lab rotation project 2016)
Claudine Leonhardt (PhD student at Math)

We have open topics for MSc students, especially from curricula MML (math) and MIW (medical engineering) and Physics (from elsewhere).


SS 2017: Artificial Life (MML,INF) (V 2SWS, Ü 1SWS) Fri 10:45-13:00 -Lübeck-
Spring 2017: Dynamics of Complex Systems and Networks (S 2SWS) Bremen
Fall 2016: Theoretical Biology (V 2 SWS) Bremen
Fall 2016: Intro Computational Life Science, part Complex Systems Approaches (V 2SWS) Bremen
SS 2016: Systems Biology (MML,MIW,MLS,INF) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) Fri 10:45-12:15, exercise Fri 12:15-13:00 -Lübeck-
WS 2015: Seminar Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (MML,MIW,INF,GS) -Lübeck-
Fall 15: Theoretical Biology -Bremen-
SS 2015: Nichtlineare dynamische Systeme (Nonlinear dynamical systems) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) (MIW, MML,INF-Bio,GS)
WS 2014/15: Seminar Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (MML,MIW,INF,GS)
SS 2014: Systems Biology (MML,MIW,MLS,INF) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) Fri 10:30-12:00, exercise Fri 9:30-10:15
(Note: lecture Fri 25.4. shifted to Wed 30.4. 17:00!)
(Note: lecture Fri 30.5. shifted to Wed 28.5. 17:00!)
SS 2014: Seminar Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (MML,MIW,INF,GS)
WS 2013: Seminar Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (MML,MIW,INF,GS)
SS 2013: Theoretical Physics 2 (Quantum mechanics)
WS 2012: Systems Biology (MML,MIW,MLS,INF) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) Fri 8:30-10:00, exercise Wed 9:15-10:00
WS 2012: Artificial Life (MML,INF,MI) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) Thu 14-16, exercise Wed 8:30-9:15
SS 2012: Theoretische Physik II (Quantenmechanik) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) (MIW,MML,MLS,GS)
WS 2011: Seminar Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (CLS,MIW,INF,GS)
SS 2011: Theoretische Physik II (Quantenmechanik) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) (MIW, CLS,GS)
SS 2011: Seminar Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (CLS,MIW,INF,GS)
WS 2010: Nonlinear dynamical systems (Chaos and complexity in biological systems) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) (MIW, CLS,INF-Bio,GS)
SS 2010: Theoretische Physik II (Quantenmechanik) (V 2SWS, Ü 1 SWS) (MIW, CLS,GS)
SS 2010: Seminar Computational Neuroscience (S 2SWS) (CLS,MIW,INF,GS)
WS 2009: Artificial Life and Systems Biology (V 2SWS, Ü 1SWS) (CLS,Inf,GS)
SS 2009: Theoretische Physik II (Quantenmechanik) (V 2SWS, Ü 1SWS)

Sleep: Generating some data...


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Selected preprints and publications (many are available on arxiv.org):

Alumni / Finished thesises (first PI, or Erstberichterstatter)

Fabien Molle (Master thesis Chalmers TH Göteborg / Alcatel France 2005)
Philipp Stern (Master thesis Kiel 2009), now Stern & Schatz GbR
Markus Schütt (Master thesis Kiel 2009), RA 9-12/2009, now Real Ecosystems
Anna Barkentien (Master thesis Lübeck 7/2012)
Stephan Volkland (Bachelor thesis Lübeck 11/2012)
Felix Njap (PhD thesis 1/2013, supervised by UG Hofmann, A Moser, JC Claussen)
Prof. Xinsheng Liu (Guest Scientist) (Chinese Research Council)

Goran Latif (BA / MIW - supervision: Arne Weigenand) (7/2013)
Gerrit Rätzmann (BA / MML) (10/2013)
Christian Jäger (BA / INF) (10/2013)
Julia Weinert (MA / MIW - supervision: Maria Sanchez-Vives, Barcelona)
Moritz Joseph (MA / INF) (2/2014)
Stephan Volkland (MA / MML) (2/2014)
Max Fischer (BA / MIW) (supervised by Arne Weigenand) (2/2014)
Simon Dornseifer (PhD student at IMM, co-supervised with GS and TR)
M.Sc. Munishikha Kalia (PhD student, Lübeck / Boston)
B.Sc. Anne-Wiebke Harder (MA /MML Lübeck/Bremen 2015)
M.Sc. Mathias Pawlowski (MA / MML Lübeck 3/2017) Dipl.-Phys. Michael Schellenberger Costa (PhD student, Lübeck 9/2016)

Recent Events

Open Positions

Currently our PhD/postdoc positions are filled - but enquiries (well in advance) are welcome!
For our local students (CLS,MIW,INF): we are currently seeking one or two master students, and eventually a student research assistant (HIWI) - please get in touch.

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